River Rock / Overs

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$45.00 /yd  

- Variable grey tone in colour
- Large, varying in size from 3 - 8"
- Smooth, oval shape
- Ideal for ponds
- Ideal for rock gardens


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price available on request

- Large rocks
- Blasted granite
- Variable sizes (1ft - 4ft)
- Ideal for rock gardens
- Ideal for driveway markers

Unscreened Soil

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prices vary, call us

- Not screeded; contains sticks and stones
- Ideal for bringing up sub-grade (ground surface)
- Cheaper product for low income jobs


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prices vary, call us

- natural soil material; actual earth
- Contains natural debris
- Ideal for filling holes / ditches


Printable Sheet

Soil for gardening, landscaping, or grading. Print out this sheet for reference.

Helpful Info

Rocks and Boulders look great for retaining walls, driveway markers, firepits, garden accents, and more.

Boulder retaining walls have a unique flavor in the garden. Depending upon the rock used and the layout, it can have many looks. Can you plant between the boulders? Yes! In fact, it can look quite nice. Choose some small sedums like hen & chicks that will take the heat of summer and not need a lot of water. Decorative grasses like Blue Fescue could also work.

Boulders can be a nice accent in the garden, too. Just don't overdo it. Plan for each one because it will be impossible to move them later without a lot of expense. They also make nice raised planters. Can you imagine a raised planter with flowers blooming in the top and sedum tucked in between the stones on the side? If you have a country garden, this would make a great addition.

Retaining walls are a permanent investment in your home landscape. They're a great way to tackle a sloping yard or create some interest in a flat garden. Take the time to make sure that your wall is beautiful.

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