Garden / Planter Soil

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$30.00 /yd  

For all gardening purposes, veggies, flowers, shrubs, etc...
- 3 parts Native Soil
- 1 part Mushroom Manure

Lawn / Turf Soil

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$33.00 /yd  

Great for all lawn areas including for seeding or sodding. Sandy base with good drainage
- 3 parts Native Soil
- 1 part River Sand

Topdressing Soil

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$45.00 /yd  

Primo soil mix - very fine. Ideal for topping existing lawns.
- 50% Native Soil
- 50% River Sand

Compost Based Soil

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$40.00 /yd  

Manually mixed compost based soil, with 4 equal parts of
- Compost Bark
- River Sand
- Mushroom Manure
- Native Soil

Miracle Mix

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$45.00 /yd  

High grade soil mix, machine blended for consistency, contains equal parts of
- Composted Bark
- River Sand
- Mushroom Manure
- Native Soil

Mushroom Manure

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$33.00 /yd  

- Excellent fertilizer
- For all garden needs
- Adds organic matter to existing soil


Printable Soil Sheet

Soil for gardening, landscaping, or grading. Print out this sheet for reference.

Helpful Info

Soil is generally evaluated on fertility and texture. Fertility is a combination of essential nutrients and a pH that makes these nutrients available to the plants. Texture refers to the size of the soil particles and their cohesiveness.

Organic matter is dead plant or animal material. There is always some organic matter in your soil, but usually not enough for a plant’s needs. Decaying organic matter, or compost, will help give your soil tilth. It helps sandy soil by retaining water that would otherwise wash away and it corrects clay soil by making it looser, so that air, water and roots can penetrate. In all soils, it encourages beneficial microbial activity and it provides some nutritional benefits. Compost is natures way of feeding the circle of life.

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