Grass seed, in order to germinate and grow into grass, there must be a continuous supply of moisture. This is the one essential ingredient that only you can provide.


Have your hoses and sprinklers ready to connect before mulching begins. Avoid leaky connections.  It may facilitate watering to have a Y-TYPE connection at the faucet outlet which permits attachment of two (2) hoses from one (1) faucet.

The aim in this initial watering period, is to keep the seed bed moist. Twice-a-day watering may be sufficient, but in the hot summer it will be necessary to water three (3) times a day. Avoid puddling and washing, but water thoroughly.

Continue watering in this manner until the grass is about 1″ tall, then begin once-a-day watering, but more heavily.

When the grass is about 2″ tall, and it is time for the first mowing, water three (3) times a week, but again more heavily each time.



  1. An established lawn should not be watered more frequently than every four (4) to five (5) days, even in the hot summer. A slow, deep soaking to a depth of about 6″ will encourage the development of a deep, healthy root system.
  2.  In the winter when the grass is dormant, normal rainfall is usually sufficient, but if there are several weeks without rainfall, it is necessary to water.