Lawn Turf Soil

Lawn Turf Soil

Ideal for all lawn applications including both seeding and sodding:

      • Nutrient rich
      • Quick germination
      • Double screened
      • Scientifically tested
      • Meets BC Landscaping & Nursery guidelines

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Our Lawn/Turf blend soil is specially formulated for new or existing lawns and both seeding or sodding!

We begin with a natural soil base and free-draining river sand which undergoes an extensive double screening process. Then the product is sent to a lab and tested to scientifically ensure optimum growing conditions. The end result is a clean, ready to use natural soil product.

We do not use any sawdust, wood products, grindings, bio material or green-waste.

Pick up 
$33.00 /yd  

We offer preferred pricing on pickup orders above 10 cubic yards.

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